DECSC25 is indeed a very heavy and complex subject as warned by some of my friends who had already experienced this subject. However, despite the sleepless nights and constant cramming, I would be lying if I said that I did not enjoy some of the activities and learned something in return.

Firstly, one of my favorite topics from this class is the lecture about applying Da Vincian principles into the way we think. In the requirement for this topic, I chose to talk about Leonardo da Vinci’s principle of Sfumato which means a willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and uncertainty. I chose this as one of my favorite topics because all feelings mentioned in the principle are relevant to me and probably to most people as well especially at this time of the pandemic and as an over-thinker and anxious person myself. With the relevance of this in the world’s situation right now, I have become more aware of how important it is to embrace and address these unsettling emotions we are currently facing in order to eventually overcome this difficult challenge handed to us by the world because confronting our emotions just as how we confront an enemy or a person that hurt and mistreated us would result in a tremendous relief and peace of mind; and this would even make us learn more about ourselves and how to live our life because we get to experience what we are afraid and uncertain of, which is a great turning point for our lives. That being said, this is something that I would always be applying for the rest of my life as our minds can be a dark and scary place that is almost impossible to control.

Secondly, another favorite topic of mine is the lecture about perspectives. From this topic I learned that there exists different perspectives, whether positive or negative, to take into account before judging an object, a person, or an intangible matter and how essential it is to consider these diverse perspectives into business matters before the execution of its products because a product will merely be an item if the people behind the business are not able to execute it creatively. Moreover, knowing this would allow open-mindedness and the development of our creative and critical thinking skills. Change is the only constant thing in the world. Having said so, when practiced, becoming aware of these different perspectives would allow us to be flexible and adaptive, which consequently leads to acquiring a proactive approach to a situation or problem. Perhaps I can apply this once I am thinking of innovative solutions for work in the future or when I encounter future misunderstandings and mishaps in my life.

And lastly, the making of the group project is also my favorite part in this class. Though it was tiring and challenging in all aspects especially because it is harder to communicate and engage with groupmates at this time, I learned a lot from this project that can be applied when I continue my family’s business or when I create a business of my own in the future. I learned that there can be a lot of underlying issues that may arise in the creative process of executing a product no matter how well-thought it may seem that is why it is important to always have an open mind and patience specially because group works require everyone to meet at a compromise before any final decisions, which is kind of difficult for me because I like working alone better; but, regardless of that, I was able to develop my working-with-groupmates skill further. In addition to that, I really enjoyed working on the website as I have never had this experience before which made me develop a new skill as well, despite working on it for 20 hours that it was the first time I slept at 10 in the morning.

Korine’s Mind Map

With all that said, as a person who crams her way to meet requirements and gets stressed out easily even with just one requirement because I always want things to be perfect, which is very time-consuming as I always feel the need to read and scroll through what I did over and over again, my advice would be to give yourself a break or do hobbies from time to time whenever you feel like it is already too much for you to handle at the moment, specifically at this time of the pandemic wherein everyone seems to be depressed and gets bothered easily. In my case, I bike around the village, watch Netflix/Youtube, or sew clothes whenever I feel stressed out. Creative ideas does not come immediately anyway. It comes when our brains are chilled out, which, in fact, is scientifically proven to be true; and procrastinating is not necessarily a bad thing in a way, which, as a matter of fact, is also scientifically proven, because procrastinating is our minds’ way of avoiding stress and just basically looking out for our mental welfare. However, this is not to say that we should always prioritize fun and rest over our responsibilities as students. It is just that we should know our limit and when to stop; and, as redundant as this sounds, we should manage our time wisely.

We should remember that it is just part of being a college student; and I guess, in the near future, we will miss this feeling of studying for school rather than worrying about all the major life responsibilities there are once we have our own jobs and families and once we become a human capable of making it our own in the oftentimes superficial society. Although this school year was not the type of year we were expecting; but, on the bright side, this is still an experience we get to have that makes us different from other generations of this unpredictable world. Each day is a learning experience anyway.